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Speaker, "Getting the Most Out of Mediation," ACC St. Louis

Speaking Engagements

Ken Slavens and Husch Blackwell alum Luke Weissler, assistant general counsel at ARCO, will present, "Getting the Most Out of Mediation," at Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) St. Louis on Thursday, March 28, 2024.

In recent years, mediation has surged in prominence as a valued step in the resolution of disputes. Yet, despite its widespread recognition and effectiveness, questions still linger: “How do I get out of this mediation? Will it be futile? Can this dispute truly be resolved?" 

The program will dive into the benefits of embracing the mediation process and aims to empower attendees with knowledge and strategies to navigate disputes with confidence and efficacy. 


  • Avenues to compel or avoid mediation
  • Considerations for selecting your mediator
  • How to manage disclosures to mediators, strategically balancing transparency with confidentiality
  • The (limited) authority the mediator has and their potential role as a witness post-mediation
  • Techniques mediators use to move toward resolution 
  • Common pitfalls that hinder the process

For more information, visit the event website.


Kenneth A. Slavens

Of Counsel