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Thought Leadership

Speaker, "Business Imperative of Public-Private Partnerships," P3 Conference and Expo

Speaking Engagements

Charles Renner presented, "Business Imperative of Public-Private Partnerships" at the P3 Conference & Expo.


Failure to understand and embrace the P3 project financing delivery model may inhibit your firm’s ability to compete for infrastructure and social projects. Before jumping into the market, it is important to be informed. First, recognize what makes the P3 process complex. Second, know the importance of acquiring legal, financial, legislative and political expertise to help identify, evaluate and mitigate the risks. Finally, understand the exposure when risk spills from all participants and its impact on your position within the overall project. A panel of innovative and experienced professionals will discuss lessons learned in helping public and private participants enter and compete, mitigate risks and reduce litigation exposure within this emerging market.

For additional information, please visit the P3 Conference & Expo website.