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Thought Leadership

Moderator, "Regulatory Update," 2023 TEA Employee Owned Conference

Speaking Engagements

Alan Kandel will moderate, “Regulatory Update,” at the 2023 TEA Employee Owned Conference in Las Vegas on Thursday, November 9, 2023.

The session will review recent amendments to ERISA, proposed and adopted regulations, and regulatory guidance issued by the DOL and IRS. The focus will be on the real-world implications of these developments with takeaways you can implement to keep your ESOP in compliance. In addition, the session may touch on other qualified retirement plans or items under ERISA beyond ESOPs that ESOP companies will also face.

Learning objectives:

  • List recent regulatory developments.
  • Understand how these developments implicate your ESOP and/or other plans under ERISA.
  • Identify options and timing to ensure your ESOP and other plans remain in compliance with ERISA.

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Alan H. Kandel