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Thought Leadership

Moderator and presenter, International Biomass Conference & Expo

Speaking Engagements

Andrew Eastman will moderate and speak at the International Biomass Conference & Expo on March 15-16, 2022.

Moderator, "Fundamentals of Successful Biogas/RNG Project Development and Financing I"

Presenters in this first of two panels dedicated to developing successful biogas operations will work to establish with attendees the hallmarks of the projects that attract investors and get built. The presentations promise discussions that focus on ‘first things first’ items including building a strong project team, establishment of offtake partners, proximity to feedstocks and vital infrastructure and calculating and growing the value of the environmental attributes of the project.

Speaker, "Fundamentals of Successful Biogas/RNG Project Development and Financing II"

Building on the base of information established by its sister panel, presenters in this discussion will outline strategies to leverage good project fundamentals to win public and private financing. The biogas sector is enjoying incredible momentum and this discussion will help attendees understand why. The impressive roster of presenters assembled for this discussion bring with them decades of experience in the successful financing of a wide array of bioenergy projects.

Speaker, "Novel Biogas Technologies Unlocking the Potential of Waste Streams Once Considered Not Viable"

While biogas deployments so far have clustered around traditional host sites like dairies, landfills and wastewater treatment plants, developers are hard at work to bring other waste streams into the mix. The presentations in this panel are unique from current approaches in both feedstock and end use. The panel will feature a discussion about separated MSW as an LCFS qualifying feedstock, a self-contained biogas production and distribution unit for transportation vehicles and even the International Biomass Conference’s first presentation featuring cryptocurrency.

Moderator, "Technologies and Operational Approaches Aimed at Increasing Biogas Productions from Landfills and Digesters"

According to data maintained by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency the United States has nearly 500 landfills producing biogas for energy use. The agency estimates there are another nearly 500 landfills that are quality candidates for biogas capture and use. This panel features a blend of presentations that range from strategies to increase biogas yield to unique energy conversion approaches including organic rankine cycle and conversion to hydrogen.

For more information, visit the International Biomass Conference & Expo website.


Andrew Eastman