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Lexis Practice Advisor®: Pandemic Flu/Influenza/Coronavirus (COVID-19) Prevention and Response Checklist

Best Practices for Employers



May 08, 2020
Lexis Practice Advisor®

Avi Meyerstein, Stacey Bowman and Courtney Steelman have compiled a Pandemic Flu/Influenza/ Coronavirus (COVID-19) Prevention and Response Checklist for employers, published by Lexis Practice Advisor®.

Avi Meyerstein, Stacey Bowman and Courtney Steelman authored a checklist for Lexis Practice Advisor® that outlines key considerations as private employers prepare for and respond to influenza (flu) and potential pandemic outbreaks (including the coronavirus [COVID-19] pandemic). This guidance is appropriate for protecting a workplace at any time during a pandemic to the extent facilities are permitted to operate by authorities. Download the complete checklist.

This excerpt from Lexis Practice Advisor®, a comprehensive practical guidance resource providing insight from leading practitioners, is reproduced with the permission of LexisNexis. Reproduction of this material, in any form, is specifically prohibited without written consent from LexisNexis.


Courtney Steelman

Senior Associate