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Hospice Audit Series: How are Hospices Faring at ALJ Hearings?



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Hospice Audit Series

Audits are a fact of life for hospices—it’s not a matter of “if” a hospice will be audited, but “when.” The alphabet soup of audits has expanded, from UPICs to SMRCs, CPIs, TPEs and more. With the hospice carve-in to Medicare Advantage, MAO audits will join the list. The recent pause in audits as a result of the COVID pandemic hints at increased activity as the pandemic wanes. In this series, Meg Pekarske and Bryan Nowicki of Husch Blackwell’s Hospice Audit team deconstruct the most recent developments in hospice audits, providing insight and guidance on the why, when and how of audits and—most importantly—what hospices can do about it.

Today's Episode: How are Hospices Faring at ALJ Hearings?

After waiting years, hospices are getting their “day in court.” How are hospices faring? In this episode, Husch Blackwell’s Meg Pekarske is joined by colleagues Bryan Nowicki and Emily Park, who share insights on what it takes to be successful before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). They discuss what is important to spend time on and what can be a distraction, as well as tips for how to stay focused on what matters. We hope this conversation provides you with new ideas on how to approach your next hearing.

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