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2024 Project Perspectives: Exploring Trends and Developments in Alternative Project Delivery

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P3s are in a constant state of flux as project owners and participants continue to innovate, striking upon new ways to bring much-needed infrastructure online.

In this, our seventh annual report covering public-private partnerships and alternative project delivery, we have collected together perspectives from across our firm that shed light on how public- and private-sector participants are tackling crucial infrastructure projects. Our report charts the different paths certain industries and sectors have traveled in the post-COVID era and how changing trends of consumer demand impact projects, as well as how volatile pricing and “higher for longer” interest rates affect the contracts that structure and guide projects. We hope you find our 2024 Project Perspectives report helpful in contemplating what is possible through alternative project delivery approaches.

Our downloadable report focuses on these key areas:

  • How consumer demand post-COVID has impacted project delivery, operation, and maintenance
  • The evolving nature of force majeure and other contract provisions
  • In-depth articles on P3 in the context of higher education and the energy transition
  • How the federal Davis Bacon Act intersects with state and local IIJA- and IRA-funded infrastructure projects

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Joshua B. Levy


Michael Schrier


Michael Blackwell

Senior Associate

Chuck Ambrose

Senior Education Consultant