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St. Louis Commerce: Trends & Tips From Local Labor Law Firms


St. Louis Commerce Magazine’s March 2008 edition highlights partners Alene Haskell and Randy Thompson in “Trends & Tips From Local Labor Law Firms.”

Haskell commented on the Family and Medical Leave Act.  “‘The total leave time is 12 weeks and an employer can choose if it is going to be a calendar year or a rolling year.  Employees taking advantage of this leave (policy) must have worked at least 1,250 hours and during leave, even unpaid, the job must be held open,’ she says.  ‘Employers must treat employees even-handed and not mechanically. Supervisors and HR people need to be very well versed on the Family Leave Act,’ she says.”

Haskell provides advice and strategy relating to employment law, health care and protection of confidential information and trade secrets to a wide range of for-profit and non-profit entities. She conducts management investigations, defends claims of discrimination and counsels clients concerning compliance with employment laws and employer obligations concerning employee benefits. Haskell provides leadership and employment law training to management in a range of industries. Haskell defends employment claims, such as discrimination, privacy and ERISA participant and fiduciary claims. She also provides advice, document preparation and litigation services in the area of noncompetition, nonsolicitation and protection of trade secrets and confidential information.

Thompson also addressed family leave issues; those pertaining to mental problems.  “‘It can be alcohol, drugs, stress, depression, physical more than objective issues. ... Companies must maintain good paper trails on their employees.  These paper trails can save or burn a company.  Emails are important to this issue.  Employers are obligated to verify and document discharge information and it must be supportive.’”

Thompson has first-chaired multiple employment discrimination jury trials in federal court, and has obtained all verdicts in favor of his clients. He also advises clients daily regarding all areas of employment law, including personnel decisions, wage and hour matters and accommodation issues. Thompson also frequently represents clients in non-competition and non-solicitation matters and related injunction litigation.