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Husch Blackwell Achieves "World Class" Net Promoter Score of 84

For the sixth straight year, firm exceeds legal industry average on client satisfaction survey



February 27, 2024
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National law firm Husch Blackwell is pleased to announce it earned a Net Promoter Score (NPS®) of 84 in 2023, far exceeding the legal industry average of 37.

“Our stellar Net Promoter Score demonstrates the firm’s continued commitment to providing our clients with an unrivaled experience,” said Angela Quinn, Husch Blackwell’s Chief Client Officer. “We’re grateful to and for our clients who have partnered with us to help grow their businesses and solve their most complex issues.”

This marks the sixth consecutive year that Husch Blackwell has far exceeded the legal industry average and outpaced even global brands such as Apple, Netflix, and Starbucks.

Husch Blackwell’s NPS is based on the firm’s annual client satisfaction survey.

NPS has been used by most organizations—at least-two thirds of the Fortune 100 companies—as the definitive metric for customer or client satisfaction. A company’s NPS score is measured with a single-question survey that asks, “How likely are you to recommend our company to others?” and reported with a number ranging from -100 to +100, where a higher score is desirable. A score greater than 80 is considered world-class.

For more information on the firm's 2023 achievements, please explore our 2023 Annual Report.


Angela S. Quinn

Chief Client Officer