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Career Journey

A conversation with Aleks Rushing.

Why have you chosen to make your career at Husch Blackwell?

The people stood out for me here: They work in team environments. They’re focused on partnering with clients. The attorneys I interviewed with were so warm and welcoming and knew each other, while those at other firms seemed to introduce themselves to each other during my interviews. I have always played team sports. I wanted to carry that feeling into my career and work in an environment where we’re collaborating with and challenging each other – and I found it at Husch Blackwell.

What is your advice for a new hire?

Be yourself. Everyone has their own style. You’ll never stand out if you’re not authentic. Being your best self is supported here. You have to put that forward.

Describe the mentoring and coaching support you have received at Husch Blackwell.

When I first started, I wanted to focus my practice on education. I contacted John Borkowski, an education partner in our Chicago office, and asked if he would mentor me. It’s been instrumental. I email him weekly with my assignments, and he helps manage my utilization. Every month we talk about meeting expectations, skill development, the opportunities I’m receiving, and building my reputation inside and outside the firm. John taught me that reputation building starts Day 1 – that I should be strategic about it and make sure there’s a purpose for everything I do.  

How has Husch Blackwell supported you in achieving work/life balance?

To me, it’s work-life prioritization. When do I have to put my foot on the gas for work and coordinate things at home with my husband? Or, when can I say I’m going to take vacation? If your foot is always on the accelerator, you will never have balance. I’ve been encouraged here to take one day on the weekend and completely unplug. For me that’s Saturday – I take that time for myself, my family and friends. I read, go running, take pictures – whatever it is I want to do. This allows me to recharge.

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