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Ohio: State-by-State Summary of Construction Liens


Commencement notice (Private): Yes.

Completion notice (Private): No.

Preliminary lien notice (Private): Prime contractor - Not required; Subcontractor - 21 days after commencing work.

Lien claim (Private): 75 days after last furnishing labor/materials.

Deadline to file suit (Private): 6 years after filing lien.

Bonding permitted (Private): Yes, must be 200% of the lien value if the lien is $5,000 or less or 150% of the lien value if the lien is over $5,000 (hearing required to establish sufficiency of bond).

Statutory lien waiver form (Private): No.

Special notes: Time to foreclose lien can be shorted to 60 days after receipt of written demand to file suit.

Disclaimer: This information was published on January 1, 2020. Please contact Josh Levy, Eric Meier or Samantha Schacht for modifications made by Ohio since that date. Visit our 50-State Construction Law Map for information on other states.

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