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Will the U.S. Supreme Court Weigh in on Hospice Prognostication? Industry Hopes to Preserve AseraCare Court Decision.



November 11, 2020
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The AseraCare court decision benefited hospices and physicians, particularly by recognizing the uncertainty surrounding prognostication of a six-month life expectancy and the principle that two physicians can disagree about prognostication and neither be wrong. The decision’s future, however, is uncertain, as the U.S. Supreme Court may weigh in. In this episode, Meg Pekarske is joined by Bryan NowickiJoe Diedrich and Jody Rudman to discuss their work in representing national hospice, physician and healthcare organizations in advocating to the Supreme Court that it should review and reverse a lower court decision—the Care Alternatives case—that rejected the AseraCare holding.

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Joseph S. Diedrich

Senior Associate

Jody L. Rudman

Office Managing Partner