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Up in Smoke: Cannabis, Insolvency, and Corporate Reorganization


The cannabis industry continues to struggle in this seemingly unending shakeout period due to flat revenues, expensive capital, regulatory red tape, and a host of harsh macroeconomic factors. In turn, the level of failure in the cannabis industry is at an all-time high, but the federal illegality of cannabis means that bankruptcy relief generally isn’t available. As a result, cannabis businesses are forced to examine bankruptcy alternatives, but those alternatives must take into account the complex web of cannabis regulations and licensing that differs from state to state.

This webinar will provide stakeholders with an essential understanding of their cannabis insolvency options, as well as how security interests and foreclosures operate in this highly regulated landscape. Attendees will be equipped with the tools they need to salvage current operations and ensure future survival.


  • Federal law and cannabis market update
  • Roundtable on alternatives to bankruptcy
  • M&A and cannabis regulatory

Steve Ham, Co-founder & Managing Partner,
Altmore Capital Investment Management
Eric Moraczewski, CEO, NMBL Strategies
Michael Brandess, Partner, Husch Blackwell
Hilary Bricken, Partner, Husch Blackwell
Brent Salmons, Partner, Husch Blackwell

Who Should Attend
Investors, financiers, lenders, and cannabis businesses that are facing the prospect of navigating bankruptcy alternatives.

Questions? Contact Tom Bragg at 414.978.5336.


Hilary Bricken