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Thought Leadership

"Transactional Law," Association for Women Lawyers of Kansas City

Speaking Engagements

Courtney Steelman will moderate and Kris Kappel will serve as a panelist for the continuing education webinar, "Transactional Law Practice," on November 29, 2021, sponsored by the Association for Women Lawyers (AWL) of Greater Kansas City.

Transactional lawyers oversee contracts and agreements concerning financial exchanges, typically verifying documentation, negotiating on behalf of the company and offering counsel regarding intellectual property, real estate transactions, licensing and trademarks, and mergers and acquisitions. Learn more about transactional law practice and what it is like to be a transactional attorney.

For more information about this event, see the Association for Women Lawyers of Greater Kansas City event page.


Courtney Steelman

Senior Associate

Kris Kappel