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The Justice Insiders: Feds Have the Lottery Lawyer's Number



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Episode 8: Feds Have the Lottery Lawyer’s Number

Host Gregg Sofer is joined by Jeff Jensen and Patrick Coffey, attorneys in Husch Blackwell’s White Collar, Internal Investigations & Compliance group, to discuss U.S. v. Chierchio et al., a federal criminal case involving the ‘Lottery Lawyer,’ a lawyer who styled himself as the lawyer of choice for winners of large lottery prizes but who has been charged with multiple crimes in connection with his legal representation and handling of client funds. We discuss the many layers of fraud alleged in the case, as well as the need to pay attention to certain red flags that are frequently present in the fraud context, especially when transacting business with unfamiliar people and organizations—something that is far more common today as companies scramble to overcome supply-chain disruptions.

Jeff Jensen Biography

Jeff is one of the few attorneys in the country with the distinction of serving as a special agent for the FBI, a federal prosecutor, a lawyer in private practice with a large law firm, and U.S. Attorney. To read more about Jeff, check out his bio on the Husch Blackwell website.

Patrick Coffey Biography

Pat has more than 30 years of experience successfully representing corporations, executives and officers in civil and criminal investigations and enforcement matters, including the defense of False Claims Act cases and qui tam whistleblower actions. To read more about Pat, check out his bio on the Husch Blackwell website.

Links of Interest

U.S. Department of Justice, “‘Lottery Lawyer’ and Three Co-Conspirators Indicted in $107 Million Scheme to Defraud Lottery-Winning Clients,” August 18, 2020

U.S. Sentencing Commission, 2021 Guidelines Manual


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