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The Justice Insiders: Crime & Punishment, Part I



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Episode 9: Crime & Punishment, Part I

Host Gregg N. Sofer is joined by two special guests: a former federal prosecutor and a person sentenced to federal prison as a result of one of his mortgage fraud investigations. Today’s episode kicks off a three-part series titled “Crime & Punishment” that provides a rare, one-of-a-kind look into both sides of a white collar prosecution. This unique, dual-perspective interview follows the timeline of the case, gathering insight from the government's point of view as well as the perspectives of one of the investigation’s targets.

In this first installment, we cover the early stages of the investigation and surface issues related to how investigations and/or prosecutions unfold, as well as red flags that can signal to both prosecutor and prosecuted that something is amiss.

Joe Capone Biography

Joe is an accomplished trial lawyer and former federal prosecutor who spent over two decades working at various posts at Main Justice and in two U.S. Attorney’s Offices, and an additional eight years at the Federal Housing Finance Agency’s Office of Inspector General. After a brief stint as Assistant Chief Counsel at the Department of Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, Joe retired at the end of 2019.  During his career, Joe handled nearly every type of federal crime—from criminal antitrust conspiracies to guns, drugs, robberies, wildlife and fisheries, corruption, money laundering, and all types of fraud.

Joe has taught trial advocacy to attorneys in government and private practice, coached trial competition teams at Georgetown, Tulane, and Loyola Law Schools, and has taught at FBI- and State Department-sponsored training conferences on money laundering and public corruption in Brazil and Moldova.

Rashmi Airan Biography

A graduate of Columbia Law School, Rashmi is a “recovering lawyer and investment banker” who was prosecuted for mortgage fraud and served six months in federal prison. Since her release, Rashmi has dedicated herself to using her life experience to provide ethical insights to others, mining her vast legal, business, and community expertise to tell a powerful story of healing, humility, redemption and transformation. Currently, Rashmi is a corporate and motivational speaker who frequently addresses a variety of organizations in connection with accountability, leadership, decision-making and professional ethics.


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