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Speaker, "When Disaster Strikes Again: How to Prepare your Organization," AHLA Annual Meeting 2022

Speaking Engagements

Alison Hollender will present "When Disaster Strikes Again: How to Prepare your Organization," at AHLA's Annual Meeting on Wednesday, June 29, 2022.

Hospitals and providers face more meta-risks than ever, including impacts of climate change, natural disasters, cybercrime, violence from riots and bomb threats, and political unrest, which impact the ability to care for patients, adequately staff, and ensure necessary supplies. This session will help hospitals and providers proactively handle the scale, intensity, and duration of meta-risks to ensure patient care is uninterrupted by addressing: 

  • Implementing solutions to address when systems fail during an emergency, including the loss of medical records during a hurricane, tornadoes that cause structural damage, and violence, bombings, or riots that interfere with staff getting to work or cause communication systems to go down
  • Preparing for unexpected meta-risks and the impacts it has on patient care, including expanding licensed space to render care, ensuring sufficient staffing and adopting to limited staffing, providing “just in time” education on new resources, and emotional support for staff and patients
  • Adopting an emergency preparedness plan to cover how to continue patient care, utilization of alternate resources, and required funding in the event of a meta-risk
  • Developing a streamlined system to quickly credential additional providers and roll out additional care provided via telemedicine
  • How to access government funding and assistance to address these issues

For more information, visit the event website.