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Speaker, "Navigating the ESOP Landscape: From Exploration to Transaction to Implementation," Midwest Regional Conference

Speaking Engagements

Jordan Bergkamp will present "Navigating the ESOP Landscape: From Exploration to Transaction to Implementation," at Midwest Regional Conference on Thursday, September 21, 2023.

This session is specially curated for business leaders and owners considering ESOP as a strategic plan for their organization. We'll start with a brief summary of the key characteristics that make a company a good candidate for an ESOP, equipping you with the knowledge to evaluate if this employee benefit plan fits well with your organization's structure and goals. Next, we'll delve into the various advisory roles integral to the ESOP transaction process. Understand the critical tasks performed by financial advisors, trustees, valuation experts, and legal counsel, and appreciate how their roles interconnect to assist in an ESOP transaction. Our session will also provide a detailed look at the ESOP transaction timeline. Learn about the key milestones and what to expect at each stage from the initial contemplation to the final implementation. This session is meant to walk through a practical timetable for implementing an ESOP, offering a real-world perspective from transaction advisors. 

For more information, visit the conference website.