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Thought Leadership

Panelist, "All In On Innovation: The Role of Legal Ops in AI Initiatives," CLOC Global Institute

Speaking Engagements

Kevin Bielawski will present, "All In On Innovation: The Role of Legal Ops in AI Initiatives," at the CLOC Global Institute on Wednesday, May 8, 2024.

Join for a thought-provoking panel discussion exploring the complex landscape of legal AI and the role of legal ops professionals in evaluating and understanding responsible use. The panelists will explore critical topics ranging from ethical considerations and addressing skepticism to training strategies and engaging leadership.

Key topics:  

  • Spearheading initiatives and the importance of people in driving innovation
  • Ethical considerations, such as privacy, bias, and transparency concerns
  • Educating legal departments about the capabilities and limitations of generative AI
  • Minimizing disruption to existing workflows

For more information, visit the event website.


Kevin Bielawski, MBA, PMP, ALPP

Director of Legal Operations