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Thought Leadership

Overview and Analysis of Cross-Border Insolvency Proceedings and Current Developments

Speaking Engagements

Husch Blackwell Partner Chris Redmond discusses how substantial law reform from both a case law perspective and from work developed by UNCITRAL have occurred over the last several years. Redmond''s presentation reviews case law and substantial developments in the decisions by courts outside the United States in recognizing insolvency judgments from the United States and the emerging trend in that regard. He also discusses the work products and the current work being undertaken by Working Group V (Insolvency) and VI (Secured Transactions-overview ) and how that work impacts cross-border insolvency proceedings. In addition, Redmond touches on the work of UNCITRAL as to the Centre of Main Interests (COMI) and the deskbook being developed by UNCITRAL for jurists'' use in cross-border insolvency proceedings.