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Thought Leadership

Moderator, UF Law 9th Annual eDiscovery Conference

Speaking Engagements

Tessa Jacob will moderate at the UF Law 9th Annual eDiscovery Conference on March 24, 2022.

Moderator, "People, Process and Technology: Building a Better Review Team"

The data explosion is still ongoing. It’s not just volume that is the continuing challenge, but we are also dealing with constantly changing and growing technology and sources. What’s an ESI lawyer to do? This panel will review the strategies, processes and technology to build a better team and accelerate your review, while keeping an eye on accuracy, speed and defensibility.

Moderator, "The E-Discovery Professionals Toolkit on Power Searching"

Learning how to cull data in an efficient, defensible manner can make a huge difference in your cases – both on budgets and substantively. This panel will discuss the most cutting edge processes, strategies, and technology for searching both common and not so common data sources. They will also help you answer the question – hammer or scalpel? Which is more appropriate in your case?

For more information, visit the conference website.


Tessa K. Jacob