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Thought Leadership

Moderator, "The Future of Thermal Assets in Texas," ERCOT Market Summit

Speaking Engagements

Chris Reeder will moderate, "The Future of Thermal Assets in Texas," at the ERCOT Market Summit on Thursday, February 24, 2022.

Thermal assets have been in a long decline in the ERCOT market as renewables’ bids lowered marginal prices. Lower efficiency coal plants have increasingly gone inactive and decommissioned, while the pipeline for additions of new gas units dried up. However, many of the envisioned market reforms to address reliability issues are aimed at increasing the amount and availability of dispatchable generation units. This panel will explore the prospects for thermal generation going forward.

  • Is this a renewal, or just a temporary blip for these assets in overall competition?
  • Will envisioned changes to the ORDC provide a long-term boost to the economic performance of thermal generation units?
  • Will plans for LNG export drive gas prices up?
  • Will the closures of coal-fired units continue if gas prices increase substantially?

You can find out more information about this presentation on the conference website.


Chris Reeder