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Innovators Series: A Conversation with Michael McHale, President and CEO of TRU Community Care



April 24, 2020
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Hospice & Palliative Care 


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In this episode, Meg Pekarske talks with Michael McHale who is President and CEO of TRU Community Care. Michael is a friend, colleague and hospice innovator. As a former board member of the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (“NHPCO”), Michael is always thinking of ways to lead proactive growth and change. He is driven to solutions by the fundamental question: “how can we better serve the needs of our community?” In today’s conversation, Michael shares his insights on where hospice care is going, how we transform as an industry and the challenges to change. We explore how a new delivery system TRU is developing will radically change how they care for patients across the organization’s continuum of service, which spans PACE, Serious Illness, Home Health, Palliative Care and Hospice. Michael shows how financial investments in new ways of doing things can pay for themselves through economies of scale and staffing efficiencies. While the complexities of care delivery and payment can be dizzying, it is clear from this lively conversation that being grounded in the seminal question “how can we help” is the way forward for us all.