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Hospice Innovators: A Conversation with Jaysen Roa, President and CEO of Avow Hospice



August 31, 2022
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Hospice & Palliative Care 


Husch Blackwell’s Meg Pekarske is very excited to be joined by Jaysen Roa, President and CEO of Avow Hospice in Naples, Florida. Jaysen is a leader of action who is finding new ways to approach and solve the challenges facing the hospice industry. He is leveraging technology to provide better and more responsive hospice care at the end of life. He is also collaborating with other hospices through the formation of Synthase Collaborative to improve efficiencies and work with new payors. Jaysen is a wonderful example of how a holistic mindset isn’t just reserved for bedside care but can be the foundation for creative problem solving, whether that be staffing challenges or pursuing new lines of business. Thank you so much for listening and we hope you enjoy the conversation. If you like our podcast, please subscribe and rate us!