Association Alert

The legal issues that confront association boards of directors and managers take many shapes and sizes. Husch Blackwell's Association Alert blog provides informative content that helps you manage risks and compliance requirements. You’ll find industry news; insights on trends, laws and events; and solutions that have worked for other association boards and managers that can be adapted to your situation. 

Byte Back

In a volatile, turbulent information world, organizations in any industry can easily lose control of their data-related costs and exposures…and their information. Husch Blackwell’s Byte Back blog provides legal context and practical insight on developments in privacy; data security; litigation preservation and discovery; and information retention, management and disposal.

Cannabis Law Now

The issues and challenges confronting the cannabis industry are numerous, as are the opportunities for growth and success. Husch Blackwell’s Cannabis Law Now blog features original insight and discussion on the cutting-edge – and often unique – legal topics and trends affecting professionals in this young but dynamic industry.

The Contractor's Perspective

Government contracting is a unique enterprise, subject to ever-changing processes and procedures and a sea of contractual, regulatory and legislative requirements. The Contractor’s Perspective blog contains updates and insight from Husch Blackwell attorneys with vast experience in the field. It is can’t-miss reading for domestic and international companies in all phases of government contracting.

Emerging Energy Insights

Energy businesses are challenged to navigate an increasingly complex legal and regulatory environment. Husch Blackwell’s Emerging Energy Insights blog is a valuable resource that provides legal context and dialogue on issues facing the power generation and oil and gas industries, including renewable generation, transmission, energy storage, fracking bans, environmental compliance and utility 2.0.

Food & Ag Law Insights

Food and agribusiness is a multibillion-dollar industry and more – it’s a sustaining force in the U.S. and abroad that attracts the highest levels of commercial, financial and regulatory interest. Husch Blackwell’s Food & Ag Law Insights blog features lively discussion on legal topics in fields as diverse as animal health, alcohol and beverage, organic agriculture, plant genetics, unmanned aircraft systems, patents and trademarks, ag finance and food safety.

Healthcare Law Insights

Healthcare is the fastest-growing industry in the nation, and it can be challenging to stay current on developments that impact your business. Husch Blackwell’s Healthcare Law Insights blog showcases relevant updates on significant legislative, legal and administrative issues, providing a broad perspective that is timely and interesting.

K-12 Legal Insights

It can be difficult for schools to keep up on all the laws, regulations and court rulings that affect them. Husch Blackwell’s K-12 Legal Insights blog provides legal context and practical perspective on developments in areas such as civil rights, state and federal funding, privacy, diversity, and labor and employment, and suggests best practices to keep schools running smoothly.

Labor Relations Law Insider

Husch Blackwell’s Labor Relations Law Insider focuses on national and local issues that influence the labor environment many readers of the blog encounter on a daily basis. The blog’s authors draw on their extensive experience representing clients in traditional labor law matters in offering perspectives and insights you won’t want to miss.

Safety Law Matters
When it comes to workplace safety, employers are challenged to identify all the regulatory issues and stay current on relevant laws, trends and court rulings. Husch Blackwell's Safety Law Matters blog provides legal context and dialogue on developments in OSHA and MSHA law, with the goal of helping employers improve safety at their job sites.
Technology, Manufacturing & Transportation Industry Insider

Cloud computing. Conflict minerals. Anti-counterfeiting strategies. Drone regulation. Product recalls. 3D printing. The Technology, Manufacturing & Transportation Industry Insider blog has all things covered, from idea to distribution, with its unique insights and discussion on progressive legal topics affecting professionals in these industries.