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2023 Public-Private Partnership Trends Report

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Exploring what is possible through P3s when the spotlight is squarely on rethinking and rebuilding infrastructure in the U.S.

In this, our sixth annual Public-Private Partnership Trends Report, we explore the trends shaping the marketplace and legal framework for delivering large infrastructure projects utilizing P3 mechanisms. Infrastructure projects are evolving, and industry participants continue to innovate, developing newer approaches to project delivery, such as process refinements at all phases in and novel reallocations of project risk between public and private partners. Our report attempts to capture some of these developments, while providing a glimpse at the future. We hope you find our 2023 Public-Private Partnership Trends Report helpful in contemplating what is possible through P3 project delivery.

Our downloadable report focuses on these key areas:

  • The early impact of new federal infrastructure spending programs
  • The rise of hybrid and progressive P3s
  • The pipeline of P3 projects
  • An in-depth analysis of the legal issues and trends at play in P3 projects that have reached financial close during 2022.

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Logan Leal

Senior Associate

Lizzy McEntire


Yasmin Stiggons