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Jamie Lawless Explores with Law360 Pulse Husch Blackwell's Business-Focused Approach



July 10, 2023
Media Mentions

Husch Blackwell Chief Executive Paul Eberle, Chair Catherine Hanaway, and Chief Executive Elect Jamie Lawless recently spoke with Law360 Pulse to discuss Lawless succeeding Eberle in February 2024.

"As a businessperson, I appreciated the fact very early on that the firm had a very conscious and strategic business decision to run like a business, and that's evidenced in Paul's leadership over the past several years, being a business person as well," Lawless told Law360 Pulse. "And so that was very attractive to me, in addition to all of the other great things that the firm has accomplished."

Lawless spent the previous decade at one of the world’s largest law firms where she built the business and alternative legal services operation in Tampa, Florida. Like Eberle, Lawless is not an attorney.

"One of the big important strategic decisions that we made five years ago now, maybe a little bit more, was to commit to having business professionals lead our firm," Hanaway told Law360 Pulse. "And we wanted to do that because, in every way that we possibly can, we want to be more aligned with the way that our clients lead their companies."

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Jamie M. Lawless

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