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Husch Blackwell Joins ABA Pledge to Improve Attorney Well-Being



January 25, 2019
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Husch Blackwell has signed on to take the Well-Being Pledge, part of a campaign by an American Bar Association working group to improve the substance use and mental health landscape of the legal profession.

In signing on to the Well-Being Pledge, Husch Blackwell and other participating law firms and legal employers recognize that “high levels of problematic substance use and mental health distress present a significant challenge for the legal profession,” and acknowledge that “more can and should be done to improve the health and well-being of lawyers.”

The pledge of support prompts participants to adopt and prioritize a seven-point framework for attorney well-being that includes providing enhanced and robust education to attorneys and staff on topics related to well-being, mental health and substance use disorders; providing confidential access to addiction and mental health experts and resources; and demonstrating that help-seeking and self-care are core cultural values.  Full Pledge and Seven-Point Framework

“Our firm has long recognized the importance of attorney well-being to individual, firm and client success,” said Paul Eberle, Husch Blackwell’s Chief Executive. “Formally making this pledge emphasizes and raises awareness of our firm commitment to attorney health and wellness.”

For more information on the campaign: ABA launches pledge campaign to improve mental health and well-being of lawyers


Paul J. Eberle

Chief Executive

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