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Dean Boeschen Discusses Associate Origination Credit with The American Lawyer



September 22, 2023
Media Mentions

Husch Blackwell Chief Growth Officer Dean Boeschen recently spoke with The American Lawyer to discuss associate origination credit, which is usually reserved for partners.

Husch Blackwell's program has been in place for more than a decade and pays a percentage of direct margin dollars to reward associates for profitable engagements.

“When we have our summer classes come in, I always tell them to look around the room when you’re sitting in class. Some of those people are going to be clients or attorneys referring you work because there’s a conflict,” Boeschen said. “It’s never too early to make those contacts and to start those relationships because those early relationships develop into longtime friends and hopefully clients.”

Read the full article: Some Big Law Associates Are Raking In Six-Figure Origination Bonuses—And Others Want In (log-in required)


Dean R. Boeschen

Chief Growth Officer