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In Brief: A Digest of Records Retention Information Management Projects

Client Success
  • Streamlined Information Compliance: A national healthcare company had unwieldy records policies and schedules, and it needed a more streamlined foundation for information management compliance. Our lawyers performed a federal and 50 state review of applicable legal requirements to validate legal retention periods. We then distilled the retention schedule and policies into a simplified, user-friendly form, improving both implementation and compliance.
  • Changing a Keep Everything Culture: A professional services company decided to reduce unnecessary e-mail and change its keep everything practices. Our team identified federal and 50 state recordkeeping requirements, prepared an updated records retention schedule, and coordinated development of departmental file plans across the enterprise. We then delivered training on practical information management to over 900 company personnel.
  • Back-up Data Disposal: A publicly traded company discovered it had unknowingly accumulated vast quantities of back-up data beyond its back-up cycle policy. Our team provided remediation protocols and advised on testing strategies for applying existing legal holds to the legacy data, clearing the way for defensible disposal.
  • Regulatory Records Retention: A holding company with regulated power, gas, and water utilities and hydro, thermal, and wind generation operations across 16 states needed an integrated roadmap for categorizing and retaining its records. Our lawyers identified retention requirements in each jurisdiction and delivered a foundational records retention schedule covering all operations of the holding company and its regulated utility and generation subsidiaries.