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In Brief: A Digest of Medical Staffing Projects

Client Success
  • Drafted uniform medical staff bylaws of a multistate health system for compliance with the Joint Commission Standard MS.01.01.01.
  • Facilitated resolution of dispute between the governing board and medical staff of a large health system. Dispute involved revisions to medical staff bylaws, negotiations on hospital operational policies, and medical staff’s participation in developing and implementing them.
  • Advised a hospital’s medical executive committee through an extensive peer review process that included hundreds of medical records requiring external peer reviewers.
  • Mediated conflict management disputes between medical staff and medical executive committees or hospital administrators.
  • Drafted credentialing policies and procedures, trained hospitals on credentialing, and advised hospitals and other healthcare entities on credentialing matters.
  • Represented hospital and healthcare providers in mediations involving peer review, restrictive covenants and hospital privileges. Assisted hospital in enforcing covenants against physicians.
  • Advised hospitals on credentialing processes for telemedicine providers and drafted primary source verification agreements.
  • Assisted the transition of entire medical staff during a hospital acquisition.
  • Defended a hospital against a lawsuit filed by a physician whose medical staff membership had been revoked.
  • Worked with hospital medical executive committees to draft effective physician interaction plans.
  • Advised hospital medical executive committee on impaired physician issues.