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In Brief: A Digest of Internet of Things (IoT) Projects


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Internet of Things
Client Success
  • Drafted and prosecuted numerous patent applications for IoT devices, including smart home devices (e.g., consumer goods, security systems, motion and noise detectors, thermostats and lighting), card game score tracking devices and pet food dispensers.
  • Prepared and prosecuted patents relating to electrical and software technologies utilized in IoT technology, including applications in electrical engineering, communications and computer networks.
  • Prosecuted patent applications related to narrative generation by artificial intelligence, including narratives about finance and securities.
  • Prepared and prosecuted patents related to financial technology and blockchain.
  • Provided patent-related opinions, including in the context of patentability, clearing proposed devices, freedom to operate, and as needed for potential or pending patent litigation.
  • Litigated patent infringement cases brought by competitors and nonpracticing entities.
  • Advised a pharmacy benefit manager on data theft litigation.
  • Served as a liaison between our client, plaintiffs’ counsel and law enforcement agencies requesting data to be downloaded from airbag control modules.
  • Counseled a group of credit unions on developing blockchain technology and data collection agreements to engage in analytics relating to their members.
  • Advised on data sharing and data use agreements, best practices, and data privacy and security laws.
  • Advised on data security, breach prevention and response aspects of designs for data collection and storage systems.
  • Guided compliance with HIPAA, HITECH and FDA regulations as applied to medical devices, including mobile applications and wearables.
  • Represented clients in compliance and regulations of collection and use of data collected by unmanned aircraft systems.
  • Negotiated a contract for a technology communications company to collect, host and monitor data from more than 200,000 IoT devices in the building automation industry (HVAC, lights, security, etc.).
  • Negotiated a contract, in coordination with Canadian counsel, that offers our client the ability to remotely access information on operation and use of commercial cleaning equipment located in the United States and Canada for use in product development, customer service, and protection from warranty and product liability claims.
  • Drafted and reviewed commercial agreements, licensing, electronic contracting, data privacy and joint venture contracts related to telecommunications regulations and collection and transfer of data through networks in the IoT environment.
  • Drafted data ownership and data sharing agreements.
  • Negotiated cloud services agreement that involved processing and storing information related to whistleblower complaints and took into account a potential future use for all compliance-related issues. This agreement incorporated guidance provided by multiple government agencies.
  • Drafted and negotiated complex medical device and digital health transactions, including implementation and use of medical device wearables to collect and transmit data, telemedicine technology platform agreements and cloud service agreements.
  • Advised clients on legal issues related to use of developing medical technology in a healthcare setting, including virtual reality, artificial intelligence, wearables, medical devices, telemedicine and blockchain.
  • Advised clients on security and privacy regulations related to digital health.
  • Drafted a template telemedicine service agreement for a health system that addressed the interoperability of each provider’s equipment and software, as well as technical security obligations of the other party.
  • Advised a health system on drafting a wireless medical device template to be used with providers of any medical device that transmits data electronically through a cloud service. The contract considered FDA and FTC regulations of medical devices and data transmission, as well as data privacy and security regulations.
  • Represented a children's hospital in negotiating a complex telemedicine platform agreement with a leading provider of such service that included strict privacy and security obligations.
  • Represented individuals in federal criminal investigations concerning the use and exchange of virtual currencies.
  • Advised clients on compliance issues in the virtual currency space.
  • Responded to IRS summonses and litigated IRS summons enforcement actions.
  • Represented taxpayers in high-risk tax audits and investigations.
  • Developed and guided favorable legislation through state and federal legislatures, and blocked or amended adverse legislation.
  • Advocated before regulatory agencies and congressional committees and provided insight into their operations.
  • Analyzed pending or potential legislation or regulatory action.
  • Educated legislative bodies and governmental agencies on clients’ unique business challenges and advised clients on strategy and presentation.

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