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In Brief: A Digest of International Projects

Client Success
  • Negotiating acquisitions of joint ventures with foreign companies
  • Establishing U.S. subsidiaries in foreign countries
  • Establishing and terminating overseas dealerships
  • Drafting technology and licensing agreements and protecting intellectual property in foreign countries
  • Negotiating supply agreements between U.S. companies and their foreign distributors
  • Obtaining recognition of U.S. judgments through comity or the initiation of fresh actions in foreign countries in order to effectuate recovery of the same
  • Assisting financial institutions and companies with the service of process and compliance with Hague Convention provisions in regard to foreign litigation
  • Assisting financial institutions and companies with responding to and defending the service of orders to produce documents and respond to interrogatories from foreign jurisdictions
  • Assisting financial institutions and companies with the appointment of receivers and the recognition of receivers in foreign jurisdictions to recover secured or owned assets in conformity with client needs
  • Acting as a gatekeeper for financial institutions and companies to coordinate and oversee litigation in foreign jurisdictions
  • Assisting financial institutions and companies in the initiation of foreign litigation and the selection and supervision of overseas counsel in the foreign litigation in conformity with client needs
  • Assisting financial institutions or companies in complying with U.S. legislation such as Trading with the Enemy Act and the Patriot Act
  • Assisting clients in international finance and derivatives
  • Guiding clients in global offerings of securities
  • Arbitrating international disputes under all major dispute systems (including the rules of the International Chamber of Commerce)
  • Negotiating and documenting secured commercial loans in the United States by foreign financial institutions
  • Representing foreign-based clients in connection with real estate transactions
  • Guiding clients in business acquisitions and mergers
  • Providing clients assistance in foreign patent, trademark and copyright registration and enforcement
  • Supervising and coordinating a network of local foreign counsel for the registration and maintenance of our clients’ patents, trademarks, copyrights and other intellectual property
  • Handling immigration matters, including assisting in the entry of non-citizens into the United States and maintaining their non-immigrant status during temporary visits
  • Advising clients on the corporate and tax structure for business operations in foreign countries in order to minimize worldwide taxes
  • Assisting our clients in international trade (including Customs, Export and Import Regulations and NAFTA)
  • Advising clients in contract manufacturing arrangements