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In Brief: A Digest of Governmental Ethics & Election Law Projects

Client Success
  • Defended two cases that sought to block an initiative petition proposed by Missourians for Health and Education from appearing on the November 2012 general election ballot. In the first case, opponents challenged the summary statement, fiscal note summary and fiscal note of the proposed initiative and the constitutionality of the statute directing the state auditor to compile fiscal notes. The Circuit Court of Cole County ruled in favor of client on all claims and the case was appealed directly to the Missouri Supreme Court. Following expedited briefing and oral argument, the Missouri Supreme Court affirmed the lower court, thereby denying all claims asserted by the opponents of the measure and certifying it for the ballot.
  •  In the second case, opponents sought a writ of mandamus preventing the secretary of state from certifying client’s initiative petition for the November election. The Circuit Court initially issued a preliminary writ against the secretary. Intervened within just three days and obtained an order quashing the preliminary writ and received a judgment sustaining the motion to dismiss;
  • Challenged a state campaign finance statute restricting independent committee expenditures.