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In Brief: A Digest of Federal Government Projects

Client Success
  • Developing specific legislation and guiding it through congress; or, alternatively, blocking or amending adverse legislation
  • Client political risk analysis and proactive relationship-building in advance of specific legislative or regulatory action
  • Representation and advocacy before various regulatory agencies and congressional committees, and insight into how a specific regulatory entity or committee operates
  • Coalition-building and grass-roots advocacy
  • Expert analysis of pending or potential legislation or regulatory action
  • Monitoring and advocating client interests related to congressional and agency investigations
  • Assisting clients interested in the congressional appropriations process, agency grant awards, and other federal budget decisions such as sequestration
  • Educating congress and agencies on clients’ unique business challenges and assist clients in building a positive image
  • Developing government contracting strategies and assisting clients interested in selling products and services to the federal government
  • Helped convince negotiators to modify language that would have otherwise gutted the Department of Veterans Affairs home loan program during final negotiations over financial services reform legislation;
  • Serving as principal federal government relations consultant to one of the largest casino companies in the world;
  • Served as the principal federal government relations consultant for the largest drug store chain in America. Worked with independent pharmacists and various state and federal trade associations to ensure continued access to competitively priced prescription drugs in rural areas and in underserved urban communities.