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Husch Blackwell Team Garners Client Win Through its Pro Bono Legal Intake Clinic at the Urban League of Metropolitan St. Louis

March-April 2021
Client Success

Through Husch Blackwell’s partnership with the Urban League of Metropolitan St. Louis, we are changing how some of the most vulnerable populations in our local community view attorneys and the legal system. Husch Blackwell’s Pro Bono Legal Intake Clinic demonstrates our commitment to protecting our clients' rights by connecting attorneys to individuals in need of legal services, but who might not be able to afford such services.

Case Overview

Detricia Valentine is a working mom of two whose husband is actively serving in our nation’s military. Ms. Valentine’s landlord informed her that she had less than two weeks to vacate her home with her two sons. At the time, Ms. Valentine’s husband was overseas and in an attempt to maintain some stability for her young sons, she reluctantly complied with the landlord’s demand and moved out.  

Ms. Valentine, however, knew she was still owed her security deposit, which she appropriately paid to the landlord when she first moved in. She asked the landlord to properly refund her deposit since there was no damage to the apartment, and the landlord confirmed she would receive the money back. Over one year later, Ms. Valentine had neither received her security deposit, nor heard from the landlord regarding its status.

How Husch Blackwell Helped

Ms. Valentine met with Husch Blackwell attorneys through our Pro Bono Legal Intake Clinic at the Urban League of Metropolitan St. Louis. After engaging Ms. Valentine, the attorney team of Emily Holtzman and Matt Knepper contacted the landlord and explained the client’s rights under Missouri law to receive her security deposit back within thirty days of vacating the property. The landlord obliged, and within a week of speaking with her we had the client’s security deposit returned to her and her family. The Husch Blackwell team was able to resolve the claim before resorting to filing a lawsuit.

Pro Bono Legal Intake Clinic

The Legal Clinic is led by Aleks Rushing and Megan McLean where Husch Blackwell attorneys across all practice specialties and industry groups volunteer to meet with neighbors regarding their potential legal needs on a pro bono basis and then assist in the process of finding solutions to address the legal issue presented. Husch Blackwell has provided legal services to hundreds of low-income families in St. Louis as a result of this successful program.