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Ballpark Is a Catalyst for Redevelopment

September 16, 2015
Client Success


For years, the San Diego Padres shared a stadium with the San Diego Chargers football team. The baseball team sought to build its own ballpark as part of a larger development aimed at revitalizing a blighted area of downtown San Diego.


The Padres’ owner sought public funding of the new ballpark, which was the first integrated sports facility/redevelopment project ever attempted. Husch Blackwell was the lead negotiator for the city of San Diego on this project, which included the new ballpark and more than $1.2 billion in private investment by opening day in 2004. The project has been a huge success for the Padres, the city and San Diego taxpayers. Husch Blackwell also represented the city in its lease and new stadium negotiations with the San Diego Chargers.