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Client Found Not Liable for Dumpster Injuries

March 01, 2018
Client Success


A large U.S. environmental services company was sued by a plaintiff who claimed he was severely injured when a recycling truck picked up a dumpster at the plaintiff’s workplace. The trial process was disrupted when the presiding judge fell ill and a retired judge was brought in to finish the case. 


Our team rebounded quickly and was able to completely convince the stand-in judge of our client’s lack of liability in this high-stakes trial. We were particularly persuasive in getting the plaintiff’s liability expert struck from the trial and avoiding jury instruction on the destruction of records pre-suit. The jury found the defendant was not at fault and answered the damages questions with amounts below what our team had recommended. 

Husch Blackwell Team: Thomas Gonzalez and senior paralegal Peter F. Sewell


Peter F. Sewell

Senior Paralegal