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Teri Pearman

Office Administrator

Career Journey

A conversation with Teri Pearman.

What is one thing that makes Husch Blackwell special?

In my role as Senior Office Administrator I get to see the heart of the firm. I see how we deal with employees who are having a difficult time with their health or family, or are struggling in their careers. The values of kindness and compassion are at the heart of behind-the-scene decisions and are at the root of why I enjoy being part of this firm.

How has Husch Blackwell supported you in achieving work/life balance?

I’ve worked at other firms where the expectation was to work weekends and long hours. There was a mindset that hours worked equaled excellence and loyalty. Although I work hard at Husch Blackwell, I am encouraged by leadership to take time off, volunteer in my community and create boundaries around work and home life. Additionally, I have amazing peers who back me up so I can truly disconnect and recharge.

How does Husch Blackwell encourage your potential and professional development?

Husch Blackwell offers tuition reimbursement and encourages me to be a part of professional organizations specific to my job. I’ve participated in firm-sponsored leadership training and management mentoring programs. I’m part of an ongoing leadership initiative to provide professional development opportunities to managers in our firm.

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Teri Pearman

Office Administrator

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