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Career Journey

A conversation with Rudy Telscher.

What is one thing that makes Husch Blackwell special?

I can say without hesitation that I’ve never run across a group of lawyers who are this smart, but also engaging. They are genuinely interested in one another. There is a certain level of enjoyment of the practice – people ask what you’re doing, and talk about what they’re doing. There is camaraderie.

Why have you chosen to make your career at Husch Blackwell?

I was looking at various firms with a high national profile. One of the things I recall [Chairman] Greg Smith saying to me out of the gate was, “If the issue is that your firm will not market your group to other clients, I can assure you that you’re going to spend most of your time on a plane the first year, because we’re going to want to market you.” That promise has been delivered in spades.

Describe the support you have received at Husch Blackwell.

Day 1, I was in my office and three people from Litigation Support came by, saying, “This is what we can do in Relativity. This is what we have in trial software. If you need anything for your practice, we are here for you.” My team and I were really pleasantly surprised by how much support there was from the firm for our practice.

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