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Career Journey

A conversation with Adam Buddenbohn.

You are part of The Link, which is Husch Blackwell’s virtual office. This means most of the time you are working remotely, often from home. Tell us what that is like.

I enjoy working remote more than I ever thought I would. The flexibility that comes with working from home is great. I enjoy being able to see my kids when they get home from school or take a walk around my neighborhood with my wife at lunch. There is a lot more freedom, which makes you hold yourself accountable. Because of this, I’ve never been more productive. I also save time every day because I don’t have to worry about commuting, getting dressed to business attire, packing breakfast and lunch, etc. Working from home has presented challenges, mainly due to my children who are 1, 3 and 5. At first, they always wanted to be in my office, running around, and were just excited to have me home all the time. We had to work to set boundaries, and since then, things have been a lot easier.

How did you select Husch Blackwell in the first place?

I went to law school in Birmingham, Alabama, and really wanted to stay in the South, but knew I wanted to move to a smaller city. Chattanooga was close and fit the bill. I also knew that I wanted to work at a large Am Law 100 firm. I got connected with the Chattanooga Office Managing Partner, who is an alumni of my law school, came up for a visit, then ended up getting an offer for the summer. I really liked everyone I worked with and loved the feel of the city. After 2L year, I got the job offer and the rest is history!

What is your advice for a new hire?

I’d say to get to know the partners you work for. Developing a personal relationship above just a working relationship has really helped me. Just try to be yourself and work with people you like who do work you want to do. Working for a difficult person is sometimes required, but you certainly don’t have to seek out someone you don’t like. I’d also say to do your research on partners and the work they do and the clients they work for. Reach out to partners you want to work with. Everyone is busy and always willing to get you on a client team if possible.

How has Husch Blackwell encouraged your professional development?

By involving me in teams and providing bigger and better opportunities. Giving these opportunities has been invaluable for my professional development.

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