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$650K Client Savings

A Corporate Real Estate case study.

September 16, 2020
Client Success


While negotiating a client lease with a must-have outdoor storage space, our team ran a title report at no cost to the client, which turned up a stipulation specifying outdoor storage had to be approved by a board of trustees that hadn’t existed in years. We negotiated a remedy with the landlord that entitled our client to an abatement of over $650K if outdoor storage space was ever deemed unusable.

Our Difference

Where many would overlook the most basic of details to save time or effort, our in-depth approach never misses a beat. Assuming everything checks out can cost your company significant dollars throughout the life of the lease when you find out that everything didn’t…and then it’s too late.

Our ability to consistently partner with you and maximize your savings is exhibited by our extensive list of long-standing clients across the nation - many of which have been with us for decades. Our approach is well-established and uniform across the firm, so every attorney has your business interests at heart. Several on our team come from a background of working as in-house counsel in major corporations, which gives us a unique understanding of the budget and time constraints you’re up against.

Many of our clients have partnered with us for decades, due to our forward-thinking approach, thorough work product and level of client service that is informed by today’s world. Ask Courtney or any member of our Corporate Real Estate team how we can help your portfolio bring strategic value to your company’s bottom line.