b'Aligned by industry. Built on relationships.We know our clients face business challenges that require comprehensive solutions which often go beyond providing mere legal advice.Our industry-centric approach gives us a deep understanding of what clients face every day. But more than that, it creates a shared vision that moves clients from where they are to where they want to be.From top to bottom, our firm is structured around our clients businesses. Rather than traditional legal practice areas, we have organized our firm into strategic business units that focus on the core industries in which our clients operate.Our business-focused mindset extends to each of our attorneys, who are trained to think like the business clients they serve. We make significant investments in our associates and partners through educational programs such as HB Emerge, HB University and HB Lead. These programs augment our continuing legal education initiatives by providing our attorneys with a business-centric approach to law, further aligning our approach to problem-solving with those of our clients.'