b'Delivering value through smart innovation.The curiosity and enthusiasm of our people are natural drivers of innovation. We combine leading technology, process and design tools to find efficient and creative solutions that add measurable value and enhance our partnership with clients.Leveraging cutting-edge technology is a necessity in todays business world. Thats why we have invested in IT professionals and technologies that support our client teams and provide clients the resources they need to achieve success.From client portals to artificial intelligence, the way we deliver innovative service and solutions is guided by a focus on three things: efficiency, transparency and predictability.Whether its our dedicated Legal Project Management (LPM) team carefully scoping and monitoring matters, or our use of technology-assisted review (TAR) and predictive coding to expedite processes, it all comes back to adding value.TWO-TIMEACC VALUE CHAMPIONHusch Blackwell was recognized as a Value Champion by the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) in 2017 and 2018 for our innovative client collaborations that improve efficiencies in the delivery of legal services and provide superior outcomes in the defense of nationwide litigation.'