b'Multifaceted partnership shares knowledge,reduces cost and effort.When Bayer (formerly Monsanto) experienced a spike in nationwide litigation activity that strained its resources, the companys legal team knew it needed to decrease their risk, while optimizing resource allocation to strengthen defenses. Bayers legal team wanted not only to establish consistency in approach and process, but also to capture and preserve the history and knowledge of long-time local counsel all over the country. They found a partner that fit the bill with Husch Blackwell, selecting the firm as national coordinating counsel for toxic tort litigation.Husch Blackwells novel approach implemented a strategy of comprehensively evaluating cases and the projected consequences of different courses of action to ensure that resources were channeled to where they would have the greatest impact.Using a proprietary algorithma robust analysis and assessment based on more than 100 variablesHusch Blackwell attorneys assessed the risk profile, likely outcomes and alternative paths to resolution of each case. Cases were then put on one of several pre-determined tracks with clearly defined associated tasks to move the litigation forward. Additionally, customized reporting and communication was embedded in the model to ensure that Bayer had constant visibility to all litigation activity, received alerts for significant events and had the information required for strategic decision-making.The Husch Blackwell team also ensured critical resources were allocated to higher-value activities such as refining trial presentations, building and reinforcing key defenses, and responding to novel claims. After employing Husch Blackwells innovative service model, Bayers number of active asbestos cases was reduced by 53 percent, and settlement costs were reduced by 30 percent.17'