b'What Peabody Energys GC expects from outside counsel.Peabody Energy and Husch Blackwell have been working together for well over a decade. But that didnt mean the firm was a shoo-in when Peabodys legal chief issued a request for proposals last year as part of the process of building a new panel of outside firms. Peabodys chief legal officer, A. Verona Dorch, who leads a department of 35 legal and government affairs professionals, had a certain set of criteria in mind when the St. Louis-based company examined various law firms throughout the countryand she expected every firm to take those expectations seriously. After a process that spanned several months over the course of 2017, Peabody ultimately chose 13 firms, including Husch Blackwell, to work as strategic partners.Dorch said during the RFP process she was looking for firms that really listened to the company and paid attention to its needs. If a firm has the right practice area specialty for Peabody, she noted, thats helpfulbut its certainly not everything.For Husch Blackwell, winning a spot on Peabodys panel has provided new opportunities, beyond more business for the firm. The experience has meant a chance for Peabody and Husch Blackwell to build on their existing relationship and collaborate in new ways that go beyond providing legal assistance on everyday matters. With a strong foundation of trust and knowledge in place, Husch Blackwell has positioned itself to be a trusted partner for the business as a whole, helping advance long-term goals of the company.When we go through the RFP process, I expect firms to really read into the details and follow through.Dont assume, Oh, diversity. Thats not a big deal. We can deliver on these other five areas. Ive always been impressed with the Husch Blackwell team.they always deliver in their responses, not to mention their work product. They just get it. Its kind of refreshing.A. Verona DorchFormer Executive VP & Chief Legal Officer, Peabody Energy'