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Turner helps clients and attorneys assess internal trade matters around the globe.

Turner understands that tariffs – and international trade generally – can impact client businesses and how they move products around the world. Given such challenges, he enjoys being part of the firm’s team that finds client solutions regarding trade matters. He helps clients, attorneys and legal teams address issues with trade relief and regulation, including:

  • Antidumping
  • Countervailing duties
  • Export controls
  • Economic sanctions
  • International trade agreements
  • Preference programs

Turner conducts industry research and analyzes trade data to assist attorneys with client proceedings at the U.S. International Trade Commission, U.S. Department of Commerce and U.S. Court of International Trade. He also actively monitors U.S. government and global trade developments for issues relating to client's most critical trade matters.



  • B.A., Rhodes College


  • Mandarin
Case Studies
Tube Investments of India

At the conclusion of the antidumping and countervailing duty investigations concerning cold-drawn mechanical tubing from India, Tube Investments of India (TII), a significant global manufacturer of auto parts unexpectedly received an adverse determination by the U.S. Department of Commerce resulting in enterprise-threatening duties. TII worked together with Husch Blackwell to find a solution and significantly reduce their margins in the first administrative review.


In 2019, when the supply of glass bottles in the U.S. was threatened due to some domestic manufacturers’ attempts to limit the availability of foreign-made bottles, TricorBraun— the largest distributor of primary packaging and the largest distributor of wine bottles in North America—turned to Husch Blackwell to develop a solution.

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News Releases | June 10, 2020
Husch Blackwell Secures ITC Win for TricorBraun-Led Importers

Working with Husch Blackwell’s Washington, DC-based International Trade Remedies team headed by Jeffrey Neeley, TricorBraun developed a coordinated strategy to protect the current supply of glassware available to small and mid-market businesses across the U.S.

Outside the Office

Turner can often be found on a golf course or in a movie theater. An art lover, he is a frequent visitor to Washington’s National Portrait Gallery.

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