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Denise draws on nearly 40 years of experience to coordinate real estate transactions.

Denise focuses her paralegal practice primarily on purchase and sale transactions and drafts contracts, closing documents, leases and lease amendments, termination agreements, and other real estate documents. She also performs title and survey review and facilitates the closing process.

After three and a half decades in real estate law, Denise loves working with developers and still finds it truly exciting to begin construction on a new project. In addition to traditional real estate work, she supports various public–private partnerships (P3) and related infrastructure development.

Denise has devoted the majority of her career to in-house counsel work for various major retail companies. She’s seen the retail real estate world from both ends of the spectrum, having worked for both a rapidly expanding retailer during a period of frequent construction, as well as a struggling company undergoing bankruptcy while selling and leasing former facilities. Her decades in-house gave her an in-depth understanding of the internal structures of client companies, along with an awareness of what in-house teams need from law firms and how best to support in-house professionals.

With an infectious enthusiasm for her work that spills over into client interactions, Denise is known as a friendly, likeable professional who’s pleasant and easy to work with. Clients value her ready communication, as well as her deadline-driven nature that keeps projects on track.




  • B.S., St. Xavier University

*Contact Denise to set up an in-person consultation by appointment in the Milwaukee office.
  • Coordinate real estate transactions, including drafting closing documents, resolving issues and facilitating closings.
  • Assisted in-house team with condemnation proceedings and sale and leasing agreements for struggling retailer.
  • Drafted easement agreements, purchase and sale contracts, and eminent domain documentation; negotiated settlement awards; assimilated and reviewed new store documentation; and liaised between developers, asset managers and real estate strategists for rapidly expanding retailer.
  • Reviewed mortgage applications for commercial transactions for major life insurance company and prepared ancillary documents.
Outside the Office

Denise loves family, fishing and football.

A relatively new grandmother, she adores spending time with her young grandson near Chicago. When she’s at home in Wisconsin—or on vacation in Florida—Denise enjoys fishing and watching NFL games. She roots for the Packers.

Denise is also fond of cooking, although she admits she’s not particularly good at it.

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