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Susan is a senior paralegal and assists attorneys with insolvency matters and business litigation.

Susan has been in the legal profession for more than 30 years, and she has experience working with major law firms, corporations and federal, state and local government agencies.

Susan has deep experience with the Missouri and Kansas bankruptcy courts. She also administers the bankruptcy cases assigned to the Chapter 7 trustee for the Western District of Missouri, working with auctioneers, accountants and other professionals.

Additionally, Susan has extensive experience with all phases of litigation at the state, federal and appellate court levels. She assists with the preparation of proofs of claim, pleadings, correspondence, document examination and management, fact gathering, eDiscovery, and trial preparation and support. She has helped support clients as defendants and plaintiffs.

Susan formerly worked for one of the top catastrophic loss firms in the country, with a broad range of experience in product liability, personal injury and wrongful death litigation in many different courts across the country. She assisted in giving personal attention to clients, fact witnesses and expert witnesses; drafting pleadings and correspondence; investigation and fact gathering; managing evidence and evidence inspections; drafting discovery requests and responses; gathering and summarizing medical evidence; interviewing witnesses; assisting in deposition and trial preparation; and providing trial support.