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Linda has extensive experience working with law firms, corporations, lending institutions, developers, sellers, buyers, governmental agencies and insurance companies in the management of real estate transactions.

As an assistant vice president/manager of a major title insurance underwriter, Linda was responsible for management, transactional analysis, contract negotiation, title underwriting, claims analysis, staff training, strategic and financial planning, and sales and marketing.

As a paralegal in the real estate law department of a major institutional lender, she was responsible for all aspects of document preparation and negotiation, due diligence, and closing of loan and REO transactions throughout the United States. Linda also has management consulting experience working with loan departments of lending institutions identifying, evaluating and streamlining pre- and post-closing workflow and compliance procedures.



  • B.B.A., University of Wisconsin
  • Reviewed, analyzed and assisted attorneys in all aspects of management, transactional due diligence, closing and funding of single and multisite commercial, industrial and residential real estate transactions across the United States.
  • Prepared loan commitment letters; researched, reviewed and drafted real estate purchase, sale, loan, modification, assumption, lease, construction, easement and corrective documents; acquired and reviewed seller/buyer authority documents and prepared necessary resolutions and consents; and prepared project closing checklists, closing statements and closing transcripts.
  • Negotiated pricing and acquisition of title insurance commitments, chain of title reports, letter reports and specialized title insurance coverages and endorsements for commercial and residential transactions with major title insurance underwriters. Reviewed, analyzed, provided comment to and approved final commitments, policies and endorsements.
  • Reviewed ALTA/ACSM land surveys and negotiated modifications; reviewed, approved and drafted legal descriptions; prepared project site location maps; confirmed contiguity of parcels and facilities being acquired and/or conveyed; negotiated modifications to the foregoing; reviewed and prepared comment memoranda on judgments, liens, litigation and UCC searches.
  • Managed all aspects of major transmission and wind farm project documents and documentation, including drafting specialized documents for specific project needs (e.g., wind energy lease and easement agreements; memorandums of lease; amendments to leases; wind easements; easements for facilities; access/driveway easements; wind power facilities neighbor agreements; setback waiver agreements; notice of sale and assignment and assumption of payments; and subordination, nondisturbance and attornment agreements).
  • Presented multiple title insurance underwriting and ALTA Survey seminars to new attorney associates with the firm.